Cantonese Travel Phrases “Shopping conversation phrases”

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“Do you accept British pounds? ” “你哋收唔收英鎊嘎? ”
“Do you accept credit cards? ” “你哋收唔收信用卡嘎?”
“Can you change money for me? ” “可唔可以幫我唱錢呀?”
“Where can I get money changed? ” “我可以去邊度唱錢呀?”
“Can you change a traveler’s check for me? ” “可唔可以幫我唱張旅行支票呀?”
“Where can I get a traveler’s check changed? ” “我可以去邊度唱張旅行支票呀?”
“What is the exchange rate? ” “匯率係幾多呀?”
“Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)? ” “邊度有櫃員機呀? ”
“Do you have this in my size? ” “呢件有冇我個碼呀?”
“That’s too expensive. ” “太貴啦”
“I can’t afford it. ” “我俾唔起”
“cheap ” “平”
“I don’t want it. ” “我唔想要”
“You’re cheating me. ” “你呃緊我嘅”
“I’m not interested. ” “我冇興趣”
“OK, I’ll take it. ” “好, 我要呢件”
“Can I have a bag? ” “可唔可以俾個袋我呀?”