Taiwan Travel Phrases “Shopping conversation phrases”

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“How much?” “多少錢”
“May I check please” “請買單”
“One bonus if you buy one” “買一送一”
“Could you please give me a discount?” “請算便宜一點”
“I want this” “我要這個”
“Is there a convenience store near here?” “這附近有便利商店嗎?”
“what is this?” “這是什麼?”
“Is there a bathrobe?” “請問有浴衣嗎?”
“Is there a sample?” “請問有試用品嗎?”
“Do you have white one?” “有白色的嗎?”
“Do you have bigger one?” “有沒有大點的”
“Do you have smaller one?” “有沒有小點的?”
“Can I try this on?” “可以試穿嗎?”
“Can I touch it?” “可以碰嗎?”
“How much?” “請問價格多少?”
“Does that include tax?” “請問稅後價格是多少?”
“Can I have another bag please?” “請幫我裝在小袋子裡吧。”
“I will pay by card.” “用信用卡支付”
“What time does the store open?” “幾點開門”
“Can you write the price?” “請寫一下價錢”
“Can you show me another one?” “請給我看看別的可以嗎”
“Do you have cheaper one?” “還有更便宜的嗎”
“Can you be a little cheaper?” “能再便宜一點兒嗎”
“I want this” “我要這個”
“At where can I pay?” “在哪裡付款”
“I will pay by cash.” “我用現金支付”
“Can I use UnionPay card?” “可以使用銀聯卡嗎”
“Is there a promotion?” “有促銷嗎”
“Is a duty free service available at this store?” “請給我開發票”
“I’d like a packaging” “請包裝一下”
“It does not fit the size” “尺寸不合適”
“Do you have a different color?” “有其它顏色的嗎”
“This is just right” “這件正合適”
“Can I get my pants hemmed?” “能改一下褲長嗎”
“Is there a guarantee?” “有保證書嗎”