Taiwan Travel Phrases “Sick,accident,Trouble,sightseeing conversation phrases”

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“I feel pain” “痛”
“Please call a doctor” “請叫醫生”
“I feel like I’m going to throw up” “想吐”
” I have a headache” “我有頭痛”
“What’s the reason for your visit?” “你要來看什麼?”
“I have a sore throat” “喉嚨很痛。”
“I am coughing very much” “咳嗽咳得很厲害。”
“I have a fever.” “我發燒了。”
“How many degrees does it take?” “量一下有幾度?”
“My blood type is B” “我的血型是B型。”
“Can I have a medical certificate?” “請幫我開診斷書。”
“How long will it take to cure?” “要多久才會治好?”
“Does this medicine have any side effect?” “這個要有沒有副作用。”
“How should I take?” “這個藥怎麼吃?”
“When can I go home from hospital?” “什麼時候可以出院?”
“Do I need surgery?” “要開刀嗎?”
“I feel bad” “身體不舒服”
“Where is the pharmacy?” “請問藥店在哪?”
“I have a stomachache” “肚子痛”
“I have a toothache” “牙很痛”
“I have a running nose” “流鼻水”
“I have a stuffed up nose.” “鼻子堵了”
“I have diarrhea” “拉肚子”
“I bought insurance” “有買保險”
“I am pregnant” “懷孕了”
“Help me” “救命”
“I lost my passport ” “我的護照掉了”
“What should I do” “該怎麼辦”
“I have no money with me.” “我身上沒有錢”
“Can I borrow your mobile phone?” “能不能借一下手機”
“I am lost” “我走失了”
“I got separated from my friends in the crowd.” “我跟朋友走丟了”
“I won’t go back to the hotel.” “我不會走回飯店”
“My purse was stolen” “我的皮包被偷了”
“I forgot my wallet in the taxi.” “我把錢包忘在出租車裡了”
“I lost my passport.” “我把護照丟了”
“I was robbed” “我遭搶了”
“I was robbed on the road.” “我在路上被搶了”
“I was violently attacked” “我被人打了”
“I have a traffic accident” “遇到交通事故了”
“Where is the police station?” “派出所在哪”
“Please call the police” “請叫警察”
“Don’t be too hard” “不要太用力”
“Where can I change clothes?” “請問哪裡可以更衣?”
“Are you free tomorrow?” “明天有空嗎”
“The toilet is clogged” “馬桶堵住了”
“do not touch me” “不要碰我”