Taiwan Travel Phrases “Telephone,Transportation conversation phrases”

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“Please press the extension number.” “請按分機號嗎”
“Allow me to thank you for” “總是承蒙您關照”
“When will you come back?” “你什麼時候回來?”
“Then I will call again after 5 o’clock.” “那麼我5點後再打一次。”
“hello” “喂喂”
“Sorry for keep you waiting” “讓您久等了”
“Please wait” “請稍等”
“Immediately transferred to the person in charge” “馬上就轉給擔當者”
“Yamada is now taking another call.” “山田現在正在接另外一個電話”
“Thank you for your usual care.” “多謝平時關照”
“The person in charge is not here now” “負責人現在不在”
“Do you leave a message?” “需不需要我幫您留言”
“Can you tell me your name and phone number?” “請問可不可以告訴我您的大名及電話號碼”
“I let the person in charge call you back.” “我讓負責的人回您電話”
“I am waiting for you to contact” “我等您聯絡”
“Excuse me” “那我失禮了”
“There is no one like that here” “這兒沒有這個人”
“I’m sorry. I called you by mistake.” “我打錯了”
“I will call again later” “隨後我再打”
“Please tell me to call me back” “請您轉告他給我電話”
“I’d like him to call me back” “請他馬上回電。”
“Please call at a convenient time.” “請在方便的時候給我電話。”
“I apologize for the trouble.” “給您添麻煩了。”
“Please go to there” “請到這裡”
“Right here is fine” “我要在這裡下車”
“Please wrap it.” “打包一下”
“Where is the ticket office?” “售票處在哪裡”
“I want non-reserved seat” “我要自由席”
“I prefer non-smoking seat
” “我要禁煙席”
“I prefer window seat” “我要靠車窗的座位”
“I prefer aisle seat.” “我要靠過道的座位”
“Is there a subway route map?” “有地鐵路線圖嗎”
“What time depart?” “幾時發車”
“Is this seat taken” “這個座位有人嗎”
“What is the next stop?” “下一站是哪”
“Where is here?” “現在是哪裡”
“Where is the taxi stop?” “計程車站在哪裡”
“Please take me to this hotel” “請送我到這家酒店”
“Please take me to this address” “請送我到這個地址”
“Can I charter?” “可以包車嗎”
“I want to go here” “我想去這裡”
“Can you take me to there?” “能帶我去嗎”