Chinese Travel Phrases “Sick,accident,Trouble,sightseeing conversation phrases”

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“I’m sick. ” “我生病了。 ”
“I’ve been injured. ” “我受伤了。”
“I need a doctor. ” “我需要医生。 ”
“I’ve got a cold. ” “我感冒了”
“I’ve got a cold” “我发烧了”
“It hurts here” “这儿疼”
“Take more rest.” “多休息”
“Please take care.” “多保重”
“Please don’t get cold again.” “小心別又著涼了”
“My Chinese is not good enough to explain the situation to you.” “我中文不好没办法描述详细的情况。”
“I am with a person who needs an ambulance.” “我这里有病人需要救护车。”
“Where do I register?” “在哪里挂号?”
“Where is the pharmacy?” “药房在哪里?”
“I have a fever.” “我发烧了”
“I have a high fever.” “我发高烧”
“I have a runny nose” “我流鼻涕”
“I am sneezing” “我打喷嚏。”
“I have a cough” “我咳嗽。”
“I have a sore throat.” “我嗓子疼。”
“I have a stomach ache.” “我肚子疼”
“I have diarrhea.” “我拉肚子。”
“I have an earache.” “我耳朵疼。”
“I have a headache.” “我头疼。”
“I think I’m pregnant.” “我想我怀孕了”
“Leave me alone. ” “不要打扰我。 ”
“I don’t want it! (useful for people who come up trying to sell you something) ” “我不要”
“Don’t touch me! ” “不要碰我”
“I’ll call the police. ” “我会叫警察。 ”
“Police! ” “警察!”
“Stop! Thief! ” “住手!小偷!”
“I need your help. ” “我需要你的帮助。”
“It’s an emergency. ” “这是紧急情况。”
“I’m lost. ” “我迷路了。 ”
“I lost my bag. ” “我丟了手提包。”
“I lost my wallet. ” “我丟了钱包。”
“I haven’t done anything wrong. ” “我没有做错事。”
“It was a misunderstanding. ” “这是误会。”
“Where are you taking me? ” “你带我去哪里? ”
“Am I under arrest? ” “我被捕了吗?”
“I want to talk to a lawyer. ” “我希望跟律师联系。 ”
“Can I just pay a fine now? ” “我可以支付罚款吗? ”
“My mobile phone is lost.” “我手机丢了”
“My passport is lost. ” “我护照丢了。”
“My wallet is lost.” “我钱包丢了”
“My baggage is lost. ” “我箱子丢了。”
“How long is the flight?” “飞行时间有多长?”
“How long is the stopover?” “中间停留多长时间?”
“Will you be serving hot meals?” “你们提供热食吗?”
“Is the flight busy?” “这个航班忙吗?”
“Do I need a visa?” “我需要签证吗?”
“How long is the visa valid for?” “签证有效期有多久?”
“How many pieces of luggage can I take?” “我可以带几件行李?”
“Window seat” “靠窗口的座位”
“Aisle seat” “靠走廊的座位”
“I would like to have a window seat, please.” “请给我一个靠窗口的座位。”
“I would like to have an aisle seat, please” “请给我一个靠走廊的座位”
“You have to be at the gate 15 minutes prior to departure.” “您必须起飞前十五分钟去登机口。”
“Unfortunately, we don’t have any window seats left.” “对不起,我们没有靠窗口的座位了。”
“You don’t need a visa.” “您不需要签证。”
“We’ll serve cold drinks and dinner.” “我们提供冷饮和晚餐。”
“You can only take one piece of hand luggage.” “您只可以带一件手提行李。”
“Your luggage is too heavy.” “您的行李太重了。”
“Where can I find an Internet cafe? ” “哪里有网吧?”
“How much is it per hour? ” “一小时是多少钱?”
“When does the museum open?” “博物馆几点开门?”
“When does the museum close?” “博物馆几点关门?”
“When does the supermarket open?” “超市几点开门?”
“When does the bus leave?” “公共汽车几点出发?”
“When does the train leave?” “火车几点出发?”
“When does the flight depart?” “航班几点起飞?”
“When does the bus arrive?” “公共汽车几点到?”
“When does the train arrive?” “火车几点到?”
“When does the flight arrive?” “航班几点到?”
“When do we have a break?” “我们几点休息?”
“When does the movie start?” “电影几点开始?”
“When does the theatrical play start?” “戏几点开始?”
“Where can I find the tourist information desk?” “旅游信息台在哪儿?”
“Where is the museum?” “博物馆在哪儿?”
“Where is the art exhibition?” “艺术展览在哪儿?”
“Where is the office for lost property?” “物品遗失办公室在哪儿?”
“Where is the train station?” “火车站在哪儿?”
“Where is the bus stop?” “公共汽车站在哪儿?”
“Where is the hospital?” “医院在哪儿?”
“Where can I find a doctor?” “哪儿有医生?”
“Where are the public restrooms?” “公共洗手间在哪儿?”
“Where can I find a bank?” “哪儿有银行?”
“Where can I exchange foreign money?” “我可以在哪儿兑换外币?”
“Where can I find a foreign money exchange counter?” “我可以在哪儿找到外币兑换台?”