Chinese Travel Phrases “Hotel,Eating,Restaurant conversation phrases”

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“Do you have any rooms available? ” “你们有房间吗?”
“Do you have a safe? ” “你们有没有保险箱?”
“I want to check out. ” “我现在要走了。”
“Where is the elevator?” “电梯在哪儿?”
“Where is the swimming pool?” “游泳池在哪儿?”
“Where is the restaurant?” “餐厅在哪儿?”
“Where do you serve breakfast?” “你们在哪儿提供早餐?”
“At what time do I need to check out of the room ?” “我需要几点退房?”
“Do I pay now or later?” “我现在付钱还是以后付钱?”
“When do you serve breakfast?” “你们几点提供早餐?”
“I need more towels.” “我需要更多的毛巾。”
“I need more soap.” “我需要更多的香皂。”
“I need more toilet paper.” “我需要更多的卫生纸。”
“I need an extra blanket.” “我需要另一条毯子。”
“The heater is broken” “暖气坏了”
“Can I look at the menu, please? ” “请给我看看菜单.”
“Do you have an English menu? ” “你有没有英文菜单?”
“I’m a vegetarian ” “我吃素的 ”
“It was delicious. ” “很好吃。”
“The check, please. ” “请结帐。”
“Do you serve alcohol? ” “卖不卖酒?”
“Is there table service? ” “有没有餐桌服务? ”
“A beer, please. ” “请给我一杯啤酒。 ”
“A glass of red wine, please. ” “请给我一杯红酒。”
“A pint, please. ” “请给我一品脱。 ”
“A bottle, please. ” “请给我一瓶。”
“Do you have any bar snacks? ” “有没有吧台小吃? ”
“One more, please. ” “请再给我一个。 ”
“Another round, please. ” “请再来一轮。 ”
“When is closing time? ” “几点/关门?”
“Where is the washingroom? ” “洗手间在哪儿?”