Japanese Travel Phrases “Basic words part 1”

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“low-malt beer” “発泡酒”
“oil” “油”
“salad oil” “サラダオイル”
“olive oil” “オリーブオイル”
“sesame oil” “ごま油”
“tempura oil” “てんぷら油”
“rapeseed oil” “なたね油”
“linoleic acid” “リノール酸”
“Acupuncture” “針”
“Anaethesia” “麻酔”
“Blood Bank” “血液バンク”
“Blood Pressure” “血圧”
“Blood Test” “血液検査”
“Blood Group” “血液型”
“Dentist” “歯科”
“Dermatology” “皮膚科”
“A Drip” “点滴”
“Hospital Admission” “入院”
“Medical Examination” “診察”
“Eye Bank” “アイバンク”
“Injection” “注射”
“Hospital Discharge” “退院”
“Neurologist” “精神科”
“Obstetrician” “産婦人科”
“Opthalmologist” “眼科”
“Operation” “手術”
“Otorhinology (ENT)” “耳鼻科”
“Paediatrician” “小児科”
“Physician” “内科”
“Orthopedic Surgery” “整形外科”
“Surgeon” “外科”
“Blood Transfusion” “輸血”
“Achilles’ Tendon” “アキレス腱”
“Ankle” “足首”
“Back of Hand” “手の甲”
“Calf” “脹脛”
“Elbow” “肘”
“Heel” “かかと”
“Joint” “関節”
“Knee” “ひざ”
“Leg” “脚”
“Little Finger” “小指”
“Foot” “足”
“Forefinger” “人差し指”
“Middle Finger” “中指”
“Palm” “手のひら”
“Arm/Hand” “腕”
“Nail” “爪”
“Shin” “すね”
“Shoulder” “肩”
“Scapula” “肩甲骨”
“cutting; section amputation” “切断”
“early dawn” “未明”
“metal” “金属”
“to strangle, to constrict” “絞める”
“motive, incentive” “動機”
“criminal act, a crime” “犯行”
“to inform” “告げる”
“belong to (club, team, etc), attached to, member” “所属”
“face up” “仰向け”
“a saw” “鋸”
“a hammer” “金づち”
“in advance, beforehand, prior” “事前”
“affidavit, testimony” “供述”
“victim” “被害者”
“so far, hitherto” “此れ迄”
“suspect (person)” “容疑者”
“goal, intent, meaning, aim, point” “趣旨”
“(followed by verb) believed to; expected to; feared to” “と見られる”
“to hit/to beat” “殴打する”
“To be photographed; to be projected.” “写る”
“publication (e.g. article in paper)” “掲載”
“yes and no” “賛否”
“Argument; discussion; dispute; controversy” “議論”
“Obscenity” “猥褻”
“Obligation; coercion” “強制”
“general manager” “総支配人”
“Forcibly” “無理やり”
“Report; notification” “届け出”
“Optional; voluntary; random; spontaneous;” “任意”
“To disturb; to alarm; to agitate; to cause anxiety (to); to trouble” “騒がせる”
“apology (noun/suru verb)” “お詫び”
“arson, setting fire” “放火”
“attempt (at a crime)” “未遂”
“fingerprints” “指紋”
“suicide note” “遺書”
“a seat” “席”
“city; town” “市”
“peace” “平和”
“building” “建物”
“shape; appearance” “形”
“day” “日”
“most; extremely” “最も”
“to enjoy” “楽しむ”
“to remain; be left over” “残る”
“temperature (atmospheric)” “気温”
“to be decided” “決まる”
“especially” “特に”
“purpose” “目的”
“beautiful” “美しい”
“various” “色々な”
“visit; tour (of a place)” “見学”
“to memorize” “覚える”
“to choose” “選ぶ”
“aisle” “通路”
“cart/trolley” “ワゴン”
“Occupied” “使用中”
“Disposal” “ゴミ箱”
“pillow” “枕”
“International Date Line” “日付変更線”
“No Smorking” “禁煙”
“Fasten Seatbelt” “シートベルト着用”
“Life Vest Under Your Seat” “救命胴衣は座席の下”
“Vacant” “あいている”
“airline” “航空会社”
“airport” “空港”
“one-way ticket” “片道チケット”
“return ticket” “往復チケット”
“immigration control” “入国審査”
“boarding pass” “搭乗券”
“boarding time” “搭乗時間”
“passport” “パスポート”
“visa” “ビザ”
“Identification” “身分証明証”
“sightseeing” “観光”
“business” “仕事”
“pleasure” “遊び”
“address” “住所”
“occupation” “職業”
“business class” “ビジネスクラス”
“first class” “ファーストクラス”
“long-haul flight” “長距離フライト”
“stopover” “途中降機”
“baggage claim” “手荷物受取所”
“claim tag” “荷物札番号”
“customs” “関税、税関”
“declare” “申告する”
“check in luggage” “預け入れ荷物”
“carry on luggage ” “機内持ち込み手荷物”
“oversized baggage” “規格外荷物”
“luggage regulation” “荷物に関する規則”
“weight limit” “重量制限”
“size limit” “サイズ制限”
“exceed” “超過する”
“liquid” “液体”
“transparent plastic bag” “透明なビニール袋”
“fragile” “壊れ物”
“gate” “ゲート”
“exception” “例外”
“estimated departure time” “予定出発時刻”
“airport tax” “空港税”
“duty-free” “免税”
“air fare” “航空運賃”
“Lost” “なくす”
“Purse/wallet” “財布”
“reissue” “再発行する”
“Japanese embassy” “日本大使館”
“Certificate of theft” “盗難証明書”
“PIR (Property Irregularity Report) ” “手荷物事故報告書”
“traveler’s insurance” “旅行保険”
“cash” “現金”
“card” “カード”
“gift” “お土産”
“souvenir” “お土産”
“paper bag” “紙袋”
“plastic bag” “ビニール袋”
“deliver” “配達”
“discount” “割引”
“OPEN” “営業中”
“CLOSE” “閉店”
“FOR SALE” “売ります”
“FOR RENT” “貸します”
“DO NOT TOUCH” “触るな”
“SAMPLE” “サンプル品”