Taiwan Travel Phrases “Basic conversation phrases”

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“Hello” “你好”
“See you” “再見”
“Bye bye” “拜拜”
“Thank you” “謝謝”
“I am sorry” “對不起”
“You are welcome” “不會”
“I am sorry” “不好意思”
“Yes” “是”
“No” “不是”
“Good morning” “早安”
“Good night” “晩安”
“How are you?” “你好嗎?”
“Have you eaten meal yet?” “吃飽了沒?”
“Pleased to meet you” “請多關照”
“I understand” “明白了”
“I don’t understand” “不明白”
“Where?” “哪裡?”
“Whcih?” “哪個?”
“Who?” “誰?”
“How many?” “幾個?”
“Please write down” “請寫一下”
“Please speak slowly” “請講慢一點”
“Please speak it again” “請再說一次”
“No” “不行”
“take care” “路上小心”
“Please wait for a while” “等一下”
“Do not worry” “不要担心”
“See you again” “下次見”
“Did u sleep well?” “睡的好嗎?”
“So so” “還可以”
“I am back” “我回來了”
“welcome home” “你回來啦”
“Do you need it?” “要嗎?”
“Can you do this?” “可以嗎?”
“Did you understand?” “了解了嗎?”
“Do you know?” “知道嗎?”
“Your smile is cute” “你笑起來真甜”
“No way” “哪有”
“That is ok” “沒關係啦”
“Long time no see” “好久不見”
“How have you been doing recently?” “最近怎麼樣?”
“Are you bust recently?” “最近忙嗎?”
“I am busy” “我很忙”
“I will call you later” “等一下我會打電話”
“Happy new year” “新年快樂”
“Happy birthday” “生日快樂”
“What is your name?” “請問您貴姓”
“Nice to see you” “很高興跟您見面”
“Good weather” “好天氣”
“This heat is going to have me. ” “熱死了”
“It is raining” “下雨了”
“A typhoon will come tomorrow.” “明天有台風”
“How is the weather of the day after tomorrow” “後天天氣怎樣”
“Shall we have a dinner together?” “一起吃飯吧 ”
“Are you cheating on me?” “你有外遇嗎”
“Do you have a boy friend?” “你有男朋友嗎”
“Do not cheat me” “不要騙我”
“I am jealous of you” “好羨慕”
“You bother me” “煩死了”
“Do not be upset” “不要生氣”
“Go for it” “加油”
“Just joking” “開玩笑”
“Really?” “真的假的?”
“Can you come out now?” “現在可以出來嗎?”
“Can you date me?” “可以跟我約會嗎?”
“How is it going?” “最近好嗎?”
“Would you like to have a cup of tea and talk for a day?” “要不要去喝杯茶、聊個天呢?”
“It is some kind of fate that I met you today.” “與你相遇是緣份”
“What do you think about me?” “你覺得我怎麼樣?”
“What are you laughing at?” “笑什麼”
“Speak straight” “直說啊”
“Tell the truth” “說實話”
“what happened? Suddenly not talking” “怎麼了?突然不說話了”
“Let’s get married” “我們結婚吧”
“Your gentleness touched me.” “你的溫柔打動了我的”
“Seriously?” “認真地嗎?”
“do not leave me” “不要離開我”
“Don’t be so jealous.” “不要那麼吃醋嘛”
“The closer you are the more you fight” “關係好才吵架的”
“I will do what you told me.” “照你說的做吧”
“Can I see you again? ” “我們還能再見面嗎?”
“I want to start over with you from here” “讓我們重新來過吧”
“Let’s break up” “分手吧”
“Can you date with you?” “可以與你約會嗎?”
“Do you have a fall in love with someone now?” “你現在有談戀愛嗎?”
“Can you accompany me?” “可以陪我一下嗎?”