Cantonese Travel Phrases “Telephone,Transportation conversation phrases”

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“I like Cantonese” “我喜歡廣東話”
“Who’s speaking, please ?” “喂, 請問邊位”
“What can I do for you?” “你有乜嘢事?”
“Phone is ringing.” “電話響咗”
“I think you have the wrong number.” “打錯了”
“to dial” “打電話”
“He is out now.” “出佢咗街 ”
“May I use your telephone?” “可唔可以借個電話用呀?”
“I will call back later.” “打返電話”
“Would you like to leave a message?” “你可唔可以留信息俾佢?”
“When will he / she return?” “佢幾時返嚟?”
“I forgot to bring a mobile phone.” “唔記得帶手提電話添”
“This phone is broken.” “呢部電話壞咗”
“My (cell)phone battery is about to die” “部手提電話冇晒電”
“Please leave your phone number.” “請留低電話號碼”
“Excuse me! (before asking someone)” “對不起”
“Can you help me?” “你能幫我嗎?”
“I’m not from here” “我不是本地人”
“How can I get to (this place, this city)?” “我怎樣才能到(這個地方,這個城市)?”
“Go straight” “直行”
“Then” “然後”
“Turn left” “向左轉”
“Turn right” “向右轉”
“Can you show me?” “你能給我指點嗎?”
“I can show you!” “我可以給你指點!”
“Come with me!” “跟我來”
“How long does it take to get there?” “需要多久到那裡?”
“Downtown (city center)” “城市中心”
“It’s near here” “它就在附近”
“It’s far from here” “它離這裡很遠”
“Is it within walking distance?” “它離這裡很近?”
“How do I get to” “我可以點去”
“Where does this bus go? ” “呢[架巴士去邊度嘎?”
“Where does this train go? ” “呢 班火車去邊度嘎?”
“Does this train stop in _____? ” “呢班火車停唔停__?”
“Does this bus stop in _____? ” “呢架巴士停唔停__?”
“Take me there, please. ” “載我去嗰度, 唔該”
“I want to rent a car. ” “我想租車”
“Can I get insurance? ” “邊度可以買保險嘎?”
“stop” “停”