Cantonese Travel Phrases “Basic conversation phrases”

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“Don’t touch me” “唔好掂我”
“I’ll call the police” “我會叫警察”
“Stop! Thief” “咪走! 賊仔”
“Please help me” “唔該幫我”
“It’s an emergency” “好緊急”
“I’m lost” “我蕩失路”
“I lost my bag” “我唔見咗個袋”
“I dropped my wallet” “我跌咗個銀包”
“I am injured” “我受咗傷”
“Please call a doctor.” “唔該幫我叫醫生”
“Can I use your phon” “可唔可以借個電話用呀”
“how?” “如何”
“what?” “什麼”
“who?” “誰”
“why?” “為何”
“where?” “何處”
“Hi!” “好嗎”
“Good morning!” “早晨”
“Good afternoon!” “午安”
“Good evening!” “晚安”
“Welcome! (to greet someone)” “歡迎”
“Hello my friend!” “朋友你好!”
“How are you? (friendly)” “你好嗎?”
“I’m fine, thank you!” “我很好,多謝你!”
“And you? (friendly)” “你呢? ”
“Good” “好”
“Not so good” “不太好”
“Long time no see” “好久沒見”
“I missed you” “我想念你”
“What’s new?” “最近有什麼攪作?”
“Nothing new” “沒有甚麼特別”
“Thank you (very much)!” “多謝您”
“You’re welcome! (for “”thank you””)” “幸會! ”
“My pleasure” “我的榮幸”
“Come in! (or: enter!)” “進來吧! ”
“Make yourself at home!” “請隨便”
“Have a nice day!” “祝您有愉快的一天”
“Good night!” “晚安”
“Good night and sweet dreams!” “晚安好夢”
“See you later!” “稍後再見”
“See you soon!” “再見”
“See you tomorrow!” “明天見”
“Good bye!” “再見”
“Have a good trip!” “一路順風”
“I have to go” “我得要離開”
“I will be right back!” “我會馬上回來”
“Good luck!” “祝你好運”
“I’m trying to learn Cantonese” “我正在學習廣府(東)話”
“It’s a hard language” “這是一個困難的語言”
“It’s an easy language” “這是一個容易的語言”
“Oh! That’s good!” “啊!這很好”
“Can I practice with you?” “我可以跟你的練習?”
“I will try my best to learn” “我會盡力去學”
“How old are you?” “請問你貴庚?”
“It was nice talking to you!” “和你談話真好”
“It was nice meeting you!” “很高興見到你”
“This is my wife” “她是我的妻子”
“This is my husband” “他是我的丈夫”
“Are you free tomorrow evening?” “你明晚有空嗎?”
“I would like to invite you to dinner” “我想請你吃晚飯”
“You look beautiful! (to a woman)” “你看起來真漂亮! (對一個女人)”
“You have a beautiful name” “你的名字很美麗”
“Can you tell me more about you?” “你能告訴我更多關於你的事情呢?”
“Are you married?” “你結婚了嗎?”
“I’m single” “我是單身”
“I’m married” “我已經結婚了”
“Can I have your phone number?” “可否告訴我你的電話號碼?”
“Can I have your email?” “可否告訴我你的電郵嗎?”
“Do you have any pictures of you?” “你有沒有任何你自己的照片?”
“Do you have children?” “你有孩子嗎?”
“Would you like to go for a walk?” “你想不想出去散步?”
“I like you” “我喜歡你”
“I love you” “我愛你”
“You’re very special!” “你很特別”
“You’re very kind!” “你很善良”
“I’m very happy” “我很高興”
“Would you marry me?” “你願意嫁給我嗎?”
“I’m just kidding” “我只是開玩笑”
“I’m serious” “我是認真的”
“My heart speaks the language of love” “我說的是真心愛你的話”
“Sorry! ” “對不起”
“No problem!” “無問題”
“Can you repeat please?” “你能重複一次嗎?”
“Can you speak slowly?” “你能否說慢點?”
“Can you write it down?” “你可否把它寫下來?”
“Did you understand what I said?” “你明白我說的嗎?”
“I don’t understand!” “我不明白”
“I don’t know!” “我不知道”
“What’s that called in Cantonese?” “那個用廣東話怎麼說?”
“What does that word mean in English?” “那個詞英文是什麼意思?”
“How do you say “”thanks”” in Cantonese?” ““多謝你”用廣府(東)話怎麼說?”
“What is this?” “這是什麼?”
“Don’t worry!” “不要擔心”
“I agree with you” “我同意你”
“How are you recently? ” “近排點呀? ”
“Fine. ” “好”
“What is your name? ” “你叫乜嘢名呀?”
“I can’t speak Cantonese. ” “我唔識講廣東話. ”
“Do you speak English? ” “你識唔識講英文呀?”
“Is there someone here who speaks English? ” “呢度有冇人識講英文呀?”
“Is that right?” “是嗎?”
“Is that wrong?” “那是否錯了?”
“What should I say?” “我應該說什麼呢?”
“I just need to practice” “我只是需要練習”
“Your Cantonese is good” “你的廣東話講得好”
“I have an accent” “我有口音”
“What time is it?” “宜家幾點鐘?”
“Give me this!” “給我這個!”
“Are you sure?” “你肯定嗎?”
“Take this! (when giving something)” “拿著它!”
“It’s freezing (weather)” “很凍”
“It’s cold (weather)” “很冷”
“It’s hot (weather)” “很熱”
“Do you like it?” “你喜歡它嗎?”
“I really like it!” “我真的很喜歡它!”
“I’m hungry” “我肚餓了”
“I’m thirsty” “我口渴”
“He is funny” “他真有趣”
“In The Morning” “在早上”
“In the evening” “黃昏”
“At Night” “傍晚”
“Hurry up!” “快趣!”
“Happy birthday!” “生日快樂”
“Happy new year!” “新年快樂”
“Merry Christmas!” “聖誕快樂”
“Happy Easter!” “情人節快樂”
“Happy Valentine’s Day!” “復活節快樂”
“Congratulations!” “恭喜”
“Enjoy! ” “慢用”
“Best wishes!” “萬事如意”
“Accept my best wishes” “接受我最好的祝愿”
“What’s your name?” “請問閣下貴姓?”
“Nice to meet you!” “很高興結識你”
“Where are you from?” “你是哪裡人?”
“Where do you live?” “你住在哪裡?”
“Do you like it here?” “你鍾意這裡嗎?”
“Hong Kong is a beautiful country” “香港是一個美麗的地方”
“What do you do for a living?” “你做姓行?”
“Just a little” “識小小”