Cantonese Travel Phrases “Sick,accident,Trouble,sightseeing conversation phrases”

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“Call a doctor!” “叫醫生”
“Call the ambulance!” “叫十字車”
“Are you okay?” “你無事吧?”
“I feel sick” “我覺得唔舒服”
“I need a doctor” “我需要醫生”
“Accident” “意外”
“Food poisoning” “食物中毒”
“Where is the closest pharmacy?” “最近的藥房在哪裡?”
“It hurts here” “這裡疼”
“It’s urgent!” “很危急”
“Calm down!” “冷靜下來”
“You will be okay!” “你會無事的”
“I don’t feel well” “我唔舒服”
“Help!” “救命啊”
“Stop!” “停手”
“Fire!” “火觸啊”
“Thief!” “有賊啊”
“Run!” “快跑”
“Watch out” “小心”
“Call the police!” “叫警察”
“Can you help me?” “你能幫我嗎?”
“Can I help you?” “我可以幫你嗎?”
“Leave me alone” “唔好搞我”
“I haven’t done anything wrong. ” “我冇做錯野”
“It was a misunderstanding. ” “件事係誤會”
“Where are you taking me? ” “你帶我去邊?”
“Am I under arrest? ” “我係唔係俾人拉左呀?”
“I want to talk to a lawyer. ” “我要搵律師. ”
“Can I just pay a fine now? ” “可唔可以就咁罰錢呀?”