Chinese Travel Phrases “Basic conversation phrases”

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“how?” “如何?”
“what?” “什么?”
“who?” “是谁?”
“why?” “为什么?”
“where?” “在哪里?”
“hello” “你好”
“bye” “再见”
“congratulations” “恭喜”
“sorry” “抱歉”
“really” “真的”
“can I help you?” “我可以帮你吗?”
“can you help me?” “你能帮我吗?”
“do you speak English?” “你讲英语吗?”
“how far is this?” “离这里多远?”
“what time is it?” “现在几点了 ?”
“how much is this?” “这个多少钱?”
“what is your name?” “你叫什么名字?”
“where do you live?” “你住在哪里?”
“Hello. ” “你好。”
“How are you? ” “你好吗?”
“Fine, thank you. ” “我很好, 谢谢。”
“May I please ask, what is your name? ” “请问你叫什么名? ”
“What is your name? ” “你叫什么名字? ”
“My name is ______ . ” “我叫 _____ 。 ”
“Nice to meet you. ” “很高兴认识你。 ”
“Please. ” “请。”
“Thank you. ” “谢谢。 ”
“You’re welcome. ” “不客气。”
“Excuse me. (getting attention) ” “请问 ”
“Excuse me. (begging pardon) ” “打扰一下。 ”
“Excuse me. (coming through) ” “对不起 ”
“I’m sorry. ” “对不起。”
“It’s okay. (polite response to “”I’m sorry””)” “没关系 ”
“Goodbye ” “再见。 ”
“Goodbye (informal) ” “拜拜。 ”
“I can’t speak Chinese. ” “我不会讲中文。”
“Do you speak English? ” “你会说英语吗?”
“Is there someone here who speaks English? ” “这里有人会说英语吗?”
“Help! (in emergencies)” “救命!”
“Good morning. ” “早安。”
“Good evening. ” “晚上好。 ”
“Good night. ” “晚安。”
“I don’t understand (something heard). ” “我听不懂。 ”
“I don’t understand (something read). ” “我看不懂。 ”
“Where is the toilet? ” “厕所在哪里? ”
“Where is the bathroom(polite)? ” “洗手间在哪里?”
“What time is it? ” “现在几点?”
“Happy New Year” “新年快乐”
“Happy Birthday!” “生日快乐!”
“Wish you a prosperous new year” “恭喜发财”
“Good luck!” “祝你好运!”
“I don’t understand ” “我听不懂”
“I’m leaving. ” “我要走了”
“How old are you? ” “你多大了?”
“What’s the date today?” “今天几号?”
“excuse me (to pass)” “借过”
“be careful” “小心”
“need not, need not!” “不用不用”
“Do (you) have” “有没有”
“Do you want (it)?” “你要吗”
“I don’t like it” “我不喜欢”
“are you sure?” “你能肯定吗”
“how are things” “怎么样”
“you say what?” “你说什么”
“tell me” “告诉我”
“Believe me!” “相信我”
“what (in the world) are you doing?” “干嘛”
“don’t do that” “不要做”
“no problem” “没问题”
“come with me” “跟我来”
“ok?” “好不好”
“Where is he?” “他在哪里”
“Where are you going?” “你去哪里”
“where is the toilet?” “厕所在哪儿”
“I’m leaving” “我要走了”
“please deliver me to my hotel” “请送我到旅馆”
“is it far?” “很远吗”
“to turn right” “右转”
“to turn left” “左转”
“slow (down) a little bit” “慢点儿”
“please allow (me to pass)” “请让一下”
“here (it’s too) crowded” “这里人很多”
“Too bad!” “太糟糕啦”
“it’s not worth it” “不值得”
“more and more” “越来越多”
“keeps getting worse” “越来越厉害”
“to have arrived late” “迟到了”
“I’ll give it a try” “我试试看”
“i got it (now i understand)” “我明白了”
“it’s the same thing” “还是一样的”
“very interesting” “很有趣”
“very obvious (it’s obvious)” “很明显”
“that’s different (that is not the same)” “那是不同的”
“you often see him?” “你经常见到他吗”
“I would like to speak with him” “我想跟他说话”
“would you like a little something?” “你想要些什么”
“anything is o.k. (all possible)” “都可以”
“Please give me a cup of coffee” “请给我一杯咖啡”
“i don’t want hot pepper” “不要辣椒”
“You finished?” “你做完了吗”
“You serious?” “你当真”
“don’t bother” “不用麻烦了”
“do it correctly!” “把它做对”
“help me out” “帮我一下”
“please speak a little slower, ok?” “请你说得慢些好吗”
“absolutely not” “绝对不是”
“I don’t have time” “我没时间了”
“i dislike you” “我讨厌你”
“hello” “哈囉”
“today what’s up?” “今天如何”
“how to manage and…?” “怎么办呢”
“need not urgent” “不用急”
“he is very smart” “他真聪明”
“is there something wrong?” “有事吗”
“I’m bored” “我很无聊”
“you are impatient” “你太性急了”
“how about… (if we do); otherwise” “要不”
“i’m ready” “我准备好了”
“i can’t wait” “我不能再等了”
“i’m having fun” “我玩得很开心”
“your turn” “轮到你了”
“next one” “下一个”
“I noticed” “我注意到了”
“i hope so” “我希望如此”
“I think so” “我认为是这样的”
“I’ve won” “我赢了”
“i am extremely grateful to you” “我非常感谢您”
“wish you good luck” “祝你好运”
“I’ll miss you” “我会想念你的”
“I don’t know anybody” “我一个人都不认识”
“I knew it” “我早知道了”
“don’t tell me (that…)” “不要告诉我”
“I’m fond of you.” “我对你感兴趣。”
“I like you very much.” “我非常喜欢你。”
“Every time I see you, I have butterflies in my stomach.” “每次看到你,我都像小鹿乱撞。”
“I am hooked on you!” “我被你煞到了!”
“I love you.” “我爱你。”
“I love you, too.” “我也爱你。”
“You are not my type.” “你不是我喜欢的类型。”
“I want to be just friends.” “我只想做朋友。”
“There are no sparks between us.” “我们之间没有火花。”
“You’re too dull!” “你太无聊了!”
“I want to be with you.” “我想和你在一起。”
“Let’s be together!” “我们交往吧!”
“Marry me, will you?” “嫁给我,好吗?”
“You are my Juliette.” “你是我的祝英台。”
“You are my Romeo.” “你是我的梁山伯。”
“Get away from me.” “离我远点儿。”
“I never want to see you again!” “我再也不想看到你!”
“We should break up.” “我们分手吧。”
“We should get a divorce.” “我们离婚吧。”