Chinese Travel Phrases “Telephone,Transportation conversation phrases”

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“Can I make a telephone call? ” “我可以打个电话吗? ”
“Can I use your phone? ” “我可以用您的电话吗?”
“Can I use your cell phone? ” “我可以用您的手机吗?”
“Can I make international calls here? ” “可以打国际电话吗?”
“What’s your phone number?” “你的电话号码是多少?”
“My phone number is…” “我的电话号码是…”
“Who’s this? ” “这是谁? ”
“wait a moment” “稍等一下”
“please leave a messag” “请留言”
“call the wrong number” “打错了”
“Hello (on the phone)” “喂”
“busy line” “講話中”
“Add me on WeChat.” “加我的微信。”
“tomorrow give me a call” “明天给我打电话”
“How do I get to _____ ? ” “怎么去_____”
“Turn left. ” “左边转弯 ”
“Turn right. ” “右边转弯”
“Go straight” “一直走”
“I’ve reached my destination” “到了”
“Please use the meter machine” “请打表 ”
“Please turn up the aircon/heater” “请把空调开大一点。”
“Take me to _____, please. ” “请您开到_____。”
“I want to rent a car. ” “我想要租车。”
“Can I get insurance? ” “我可以买保险吗?”
“From Shenzhen to Guangzhou ” “从深圳到广州 ”
“Which month, which day?” “几月几号? ”
“Is there one that departs in the afternoon?” “有没有下午开的? ”
“How many tickets?” “几张”
“Thank you for helping me.” “谢谢你帮我”
“Where is the subway station?” “地铁站在哪儿?”
“How many stops?” “几站?”
” How do you pronounce my stop?” “那站怎么读?”
“Do I have to transfer?” “需要转车吗?”
“When you get off, ___” “下车的时候”
“When you exit, ___” “出去的时候”
“When do I have to be at the boarding gate?” “我得什么时候去登机口?”