【APP】Estonian Travel Phrases “Hotel,Eating,Restaurant conversation phrases”

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“I have a reservation (for a room)” “Mul on tuba reserveeritud”
“Do you have rooms available?” “Kas teil on vabu tube?”
“With shower / With bathroom” “Dušiga / Vannitoaga”
“I would like a non-smoking room” “Ma soovin mittesuitsetajate tuba”
“What is the charge per night?” “Kui palju maksab üks öö?”
“I’m here on business /on vacation” “Ma olen siin äriasjus”
“Dirty” “Must”
“Clean” “Puhas”
“Do you accept credit cards?” “Kas teil saab maksta krediitkaardiga?”
“I’d like to rent a car” “Ma soovin autot rentida”
“A table for two please!” “Palun laud kahele!”
“Is this seat taken?” “Kas see koht on vaba?”
“I’m vegetarian” “Ma olen taimetoitlane”
“I don’t eat pork” “Ma ei söö sealiha”
“I don’t drink alcohol” “Ma ei joo alkoholi”
“What’s the name of this dish?” “Mis on selle toidu nimi?”
“Waiter / waitress!” “Kelner / Ettekandja!”
“Can we have the check please?” “Palun arve!”
“It is very delicious!” “See on väga maitsev!”
“I don’t like it” “Mulle see ei maitse”