Korean Travel Phrases “telephone,transportation words”

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“Hello. (on the phone) ” “여보세요”
“when I get home I’ll call you” “짐에가서 전화할게”
“I’ll answer it (phone)” “내가 받을 게요”
“I will be waiting” “기다리고 있을게요”
“voice is cutting out” “매튜 말소리가 자꾸 끊겨”
“what is your cellphone number?” “핸드폰 번호가 무엇입니까?”
“hey, let me tell you my number” “참, 내 전화번호 알려줄께요!”
“drop me a line” “편지해”
“i’m hanging up now” “끊을게”
“i’ll call you” “전화 할게”
“you better call me next time” “다음에 꼭 연락해”
“let me know” “알려줘요”
“please contact me as soon as you get back” “돌아오는 대로 저한테 연락 주세요”
“I can’t hear you” “못 알아듣겠어”
“wait a minute” “잠깐만요”
“how far is this?” “얼마나 멉니까?”
“what time is it?” “몇 시입니까?”
“How much is a ticket to _____? ” “_____에 가는 표가 얼마입니까?”
“Where does this train go? ” “이 기차 어디로 갑니까?”
“Where does this bus go? ” “이 버스는 어디로 갑니까?”
“How do I get to _____ ? ” “_____에 가려면 어떻게 해야 합니까 ?”
“Is it far from here? ” “여기서 멉니까?”
“Can you show me on the map? ” “지도상에서 가르쳐 주시겠습니까?”
“Turn left. ” “왼쪽으로 도십시오”
“Turn right. ” “오른쪽으로 도십시오”
“straight ahead ” “곧장 가십시오”
“Taxi! ” “택시!”
“Take me to _____, please. ” “_____로 데려가 주십시오.”
“How much does it cost to get to _____? ” “_____까지는 (요금이) 얼마입니까?”
“Take me there, please. ” “저기에 데려가 주십시오.”